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i really like the idea of rewarding low socioeconomic schools for their net gains.
My concern is the punishment factor.
What about the classes where the kids don't care? THere's only so much one can do...
That's my concern as well. Even if that's not the original intent, you know it's going to happen sooner or later.
Absolutely. I'm on "continuing" contract or whatever they call it these days.

And I'm a damned good teacher. I regularly have a high percentage of kids with learning gains. My students look to me as someone they can trust. I have a class of juniors begging me to teach 12th grade next year so they can be in my class again because I try to make things interesting for them. But my freshmen? half of them don't care and are just marking time until they can drop out. about half of the remaining students are excessively low and struggle for anything and everything. So when those classes don't make learning gains this year, would I get a pay cut? Would I get fired? And what about the HUMAN factor of it all? *headshake*


though it's still no worse than NCLB :-P
I felt the same - that and, kids who made gains based on what I could see in my classroom, but got so stressed out on tests they just didn't perform well. I wish instead of throwing more money at the problem, the state boards of education would come up with practical ways to measure gains when tests just don't show accurate results (haha, don't we all!)..
Well, if you believe what Dan Pink said on several months ago about motivation in situations that require a little bit of creativity, carrots won't work any better than sticks.

I'm a little concerned about continuing to be at war with the bottom 5% of all schools. Still plenty of potential for political mischief there.
I agree with you up to a point. I guess I wasn't thinking about funding as motivation, but more along the lines of getting the adequate funding that NCLB never had in the first place.