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For all you Connecticut teachers!!

Hello all!!

I was a teacher for the last 4 or so years, and I have recently taken a position at a nonprofit organization that works with families that have children with mental health challenges (we primarily work with 0-6, but we also work with those older than that). For the upcoming year, I'm looking for classrooms/schools to come in and do "special readers." I'd come in (or my coworker would) and we'd read to your class, as well as leave the book that we read, and leave a stuffed animal. We'd leave the animal for comfort reasons. I'm not sure WHAT we're going to call it, but it'll be there for when they're scared, upset, etc. (We're working on thinking of a cool name for it ... we haven't come up with any yet!) We'd also leave some material to give out to your students families if you'd like - we run monthly support groups (August is back to school, September I believe will be Eating Right, etc).

So, fellow teachers, if you're interested in having me come in, please let me know. And if you could pass this along to any of your friends, that'd be great too. I can give you my email, as well, if that helps.

Thanks everyone

(Also, mods, if this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete!)

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