nico (v3g4n) wrote in badass_teacher,

Advice for the new teacher?

I'm *so* scared to have my own grade 5 classroom next year!

I'm super stoked on planning, but I know I have an infinite amount of work to do to feel prepared. I also really hope I can help set a positive environment in the classroom from the get go. It's so hard to figure out how to make it feel like a supportive community. In French Immersion, they are often with the same kids for years. It really is a tight community, but it means that kids can straight up hate each other. I need to teach communication first. Conflict resolution. Get to know each other. Present on ourselves, families, etc.

I also want them to reflect on the need to show kindness to themselves and others. I want to teach destressing techniques.

Advice? Planning advice is also appreciated. I'm worried I'm not going to use or prioritize my time appropriately.

PS: I created a radical teacher journal with the intention that people with radical politics (anti-oppression/diy/consensus/etc) might shoot around ideas regarding the best way to break down hierarchies within the classroom, etc. Is there a need for that, or is this community already serving that purpose also?
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